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Upper North Shore Landscape Design

We have fulfilled flourishing landscaping projects and design across the Upper North Shore — through Pymble, Hornsby and Turramurra — using a set of values that keep our work alive and relevant.

Here are a few secrets to our success…

We love what we do

Our landscapers are passionate about what they do. It is their creative spirit and fervour that drives them to produce and execute designs that consistently impress clients. Creativity is always impeded if you don’t enjoy what you do so we’re lucky to have designers and landscapers who love creating inspiring outdoor spaces.

We take the time to understand and form a relationship

Our landscapers get to know your space intimately, paying attention to the current and aspirational function and maximising utility for those who will spend the most time within the space. Our aim is to improve the user experience so we ensure designs are centred around the people, not the plants. We initially want to create a relationship with you, the user. For us to know what will be most effective and efficient within the space, we need to get to know the people who use it. When we have a sound understanding of the relationship between the users and the space, our landscapers like to create their own relationship with the space by spending time investigating various angles and vantage points. This enables the landscapers to then put themselves in the users place when exploring features to include.

We take all plants and features into long-term consideration

Regard for ongoing maintenance, convenience and practicality is always at the forefront. There is no point having a landscaped space if you can’t maintain it. We also believe that, when designing, it’s important to increase longevity but projecting forward to consider what the space and the occupants will require in the future.

We pay great attention to design detail

At Rockstar Landscapes, attention to detail is paramount, which is why we make specific decisions around size, line, proportion, balance, texture and colour. Each and every element of design is deliberate and distinct and features and plants are researched and selected on the basis of suitability for the specific location and proposed purpose for the space.

We deliver on atmosphere

Creating and following through on themes, our landscapers select plants and features that are catered to you, in order to achieve your desired atmosphere. Whether tranquil, playful or sensible, our landscapers have a knack for ensuring the environment reflects the nature of use.